Ultra Supreme Sh-Axcp


· ARIX™ Technology gives you maximum productivity with the lowest possible cost per inch/foot cut.


Segments with ARIX technology allows for a faster, consistent cut with longer lasting life.
Laser-Welded, Segment Height 10mm, 14′ Barrel Length 1-1/4″-7 Thread
Cuts through very heavy reinforced concrete without much vibration.
Wet Cutting Diamond Core Bits
Applications: Asphalt, Green Concrete, Field Stone, Concrete, Reinforced Concrete, Pavers, Brick, Clay Pavers, Hard Brick

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Ultra Supreme Sh-Axcp

2″ x .145 x 10mm AXCP2, 2″-1/2 x .145 x 10mm AXCP2-1/2, 2″-1/4 x .145 x 10mm AXCP2-1/4, 3″ x .145 x 10mm AXCP3, 3″-1/2 x .145 x 10mm AXCP3-1/2, 3″-1/4 x .145 x 10mm AXCP3-1/4, 4″ x .160 x 10mm AXCP4, 4″-1/4 x .160 x 10mm AXCP4-1/4, 5″ x .160 x 10mm AXCP5, 5″-1/2 x .160 x 10mm AXCP5-1/2, 6″ x .160 x 10mm AXCP6, 6″-1/2 x .160 x 10mm AXCP6-1/2, 6″-1/4 x .160 x 10mm AXCP6-1/4, 8″ x .160 x 10mm AXCP8, 9″ x .160 x 10mm AXCP9, 10″ x .160 x 10mm AXCP10, 12″ x .160 x 10mm AXCP12, 10″ x .160 x 10mm AXCP10, 12″ x .160 x 10mm AXCP12


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