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Turbo Segmented Blades 10mm

Turbo segment

Turbo Segments are used because they can extend the life of a blade by removing theslurrymore quickly and in some instances they cut more quickly because there is actually less surface area to the segment. In recent years this type of segment has been used more often as many users perceive a blade of this type to be better quality.

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Turbo Segmented Blades

12″ x .125″ x 10mm x 1″-20mm/JC-UTC12 12, 14″ x .125″ x 10mm x 1″-20mm/JC-UTC14 14, 16″ x .125″ x 10mm x 1″-20mm/JC-UTC16 16, 18″ x .125″ x 10mm x 1″-20mm/JC-UTC18 18


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