Ring Saw Blade Including The Roller


14″ ARIX Ring Saw- Includes Drive Roller- ( 3 models)

ARIX, the original technology of diamond array adapted to serial production SINCE 2005 has come with 2014 follow-up ARIX Generation-3 with more enhanced metallurgy, more precise control over diamond positions and more esthetical and functional design of diamond segments for each product range.


Hard/soft concrete, concrete w/rebar, brick, block, stone, roof tile,
For fast, deep cutting of reinforced concrete
Soft(fast cutting) and medium bond (long life)
Use on Handheld ring saw, Hydraulic Hand Saw
Laser welded, use wet or dry
Designed to cut 10″ deep in the walls ( Brick, Block, Concrete and Reinforced Concrete) 10mm Seg.
Spare Drive Roller Available (made USA Chicago)
P/N: “S” soft bonding = fast cutting and “M” medium bonding = long life

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Ring Saw Blade Including The Roller

14″ X .160″ X 10MM X ARIX SOFT ADS14L01S, 14″ X .160″ X 10MM X ARIX MEDIUM ADS14L02M, 14″ X .220″ X 10MM X ARIX SOFT, 14″ X .160″ X 10MM X ARIX TURBO, 16″ X .160″ X 10MM X ARIX TURBO, Drive Wheel -roller- SH-G3600


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